Open Translation Agency

Interestingly enough, though not a new idea. You can start with small things – write a quality site, type of qualified freelance translators and develop an effective marketing strategy. Over time, if your business is going to grow and grow, you can rent an office, hire an in-house translators, editors, support staff, etc.

Translation Agency

At the initial stage, you have to “take” the audience enticing prices, because competition in this industry is serious enough. In addition, you should choose a responsible, competent, professional interpreters. If you do not sense in this matter, you have to seek help from relatives, friends, colleagues. In addition, you need to launch an effective campaign on social networks, as well as in the real world – in universities, schools, etc…

For the realization of this idea you should not leave a lot of time and money. The main thing – to provide customers high-quality translation at an affordable price. Of course, the mini-Translation much money you will not do, but a decent income office will already be quite impressive.

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