YouTuber / online identity

If you are comfortable being in front of the camera, you can try their hand at be YouTuber or online identity. All that you have – is to run your own YouTube channel and earn money through advertising campaigns.

With the change in content consumption, more and more people are turning to sites like YouTube, the daily video. It has become a much more effective means of creating followers compared to older media, such as TV or radio.

online identity

And the launch of the YouTube channel can be low-risk and low cost. All you need is a good camera, and you can start to make the content. Get enough subscribers, you can monetize their videos by enabling Google Adsense, which places ads on your videos.

A number of YouTubers have shown that it is possible to earn. Such personalities as PewDiePie, receive annual revenue of more than $ 12 million for his video, as well as through transactions and sponsorship.

Of course, relying solely on YouTube as a platform for making money is not easy, so most YouTubers use it as a platform to promote other ways to generate income. Sponsored videos, or ads embedded – these are some of the ways that YouTubers use to make money from their content. Some may even promote their Kickstarter page or Patreon his fans to pay for their content.

Of course, finding success on YouTube is not easy, so many of the characters used it as a step in the larger raids. Komedian Bo Burham use YouTube as a platform to showcase their talent, which ultimately led to his signing with Comedy Central Records.

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