Being a web designer

For those who have the technical knowledge and artistic bug, web design can be a profitable area, which can be accessed. Despite the fact that nowadays many people use templates, many still need to be configured, even in the templates that they have chosen.

Setting is not limited to web templates, but you can also apply their skills in other areas, such as the newsletter. If you have extra time, you can also create your own templates for sale, or even to apply their skills in other image areas, such as the creation of the site logo.

website designer

Being a website designer

Being a website designer is perfect for those who have the technical knowledge and / or know how to code. You can help businesses by creating and maintaining a website backend.

As is the case with managers of social networks, the rate for a freelance developer web site may vary depending on the cost of the website. As a rule, the larger the site, the higher may be your motherboard. Based on the collected data, we expect that the independent website developer will earn an average of about $ 31.64 per hour, with the highest of them – $ 160 per hour, while the lowest – $ 5 per month.

Be a graphic designer

If you are not so technical, but it can offer design services, many companies need a graphic designer to create images and graphics.

Sites such as 99 projects offering a platform for independent designers to earn money by connecting them to the companies or brands who need help in the creation of projects. Since all done online through their website, you can basically work remotely from anywhere in the world.

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