How Linkedin can help to start Bed and Breakfast Business?

If you have an empty grandmother’s apartment, a mortgage or a suburban house, and you have a great desire to make money, then this article is for you. The topic of the business “renting a house by the day” will be interesting for those who want to start their own business that brings money in the shortest possible time with minimal expenditure of funds.

Indeed, to rent an apartment without intermediaries, large investments are not necessary. But there are certain rules that should be followed when engaging in these activities.

The Main Rules you Have to Follow.

A bed and breakfast is something of a mix between a boutique hotel and a private home. Usually, the service is extremely personal. The manager might live on-site, and it’s not unusual that the manager and the guests spend time together.

Once you have your B&B’s doors open it’s time to knuckle down to the day-to-day operation of the property.

Marketing your property, taking reservations, checking guests in and out, perfecting the service you provide, maintaining a strong relationship with your audience, reporting on performance, and budgeting are all things you’ll need to look at while you go through life as a bed and breakfast operator. There’s a lot more to it than cooking breakfast and pointing travelers towards the nearest attraction.

The Ways to Find Customers

Online distribution is one of the most effective ways to bring guests to your hotel. Modern travelers typically do their research and booking on travel websites, so that’s where you need to catch their eye. The unusual and a good idea is to create your public profile on Linkedin to provide housing services. You can create it by yourself or use LinkedIn profile makeover

Advertising your rooms on multiple channels gives you the best chance at raising your occupancy rate. The most popular channels (known in the industry as online travel agents, or OTAs) include and Expedia, but Airbnb is also suitable for small properties, and there a number of niche channels that suit particular properties or guest types. It’s important to have a diverse channel mix and advertise all the rooms at the same time.

Some Tips

At the initial stage, still, do not resort to outside help and engage in cleaning and transferring keys yourself, especially if you are interested in earning a good reputation, getting the “superhost” badge, thereby earning even more trust among potential guests. I got that badge after the first three months and I’ll tell you, it’s damn nice. And now, I give advice and reveal little secrets.

The most important thing is the fast wireless Internet, free parking spaces near the house, punctuality and perfect cleanliness.

To rent an apartment, you need to really love people and be prepared for the unexpected. The guests change their plans, they forget about the arrangements, get sick, etc. They are alive and want attention. If a person went to Moscow to sit alone at a computer, he would choose a hotel. And if he goes to live in an apartment, he wants to meet and chat. And now for the “chat”, you will definitely have to answer.

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