Be the manager of social media

Social media – an important tool for any business. If you are an expert on social networks, offer their services to brands or businesses who need daily assistance in the management of their accounts in social networks.

Bids for freelance marketers / managers generally correspond to the cost of creating a Web site and, depending on how large or small site, the amount you earn may vary.

Based on our research with sites like Upwork, the average rate for freelance manager / marketer social networking is about $ 25.25 per hour, and the maximum amount is $ 150 per hour, and the lowest – $ 4 per month. The better you are, the higher your fee can be on these freelance platforms.

consultant on social media

Be a consultant on social media

Conversely, you can also act as a consultant and to offer their know-how in social networks for customers on the Internet, instead of stopping, and manage user accounts for them.

Be the mastermind of social networks

In today’s market social media is increasing influential. Becoming an influential factor is the increase in own account in social networks and use it to work with brands to promote their products and services.

If you want to become an influential person Instagram, digital marketing consultant Shane Barker wrote an excellent article (click here!) On how to become one, and how to make money on it.

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